Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Rise Again"

Beverly outside NBC last week

Among her many talents, Beverly Mickins bakes a damn good chocolate chip cookie. I married her for other reasons; the cookie ability was discovered later. She has baked treats for every writing staff I've been on and now she bakes cookies for the writers who are on the picket line with me. As industrious as she is, she can't bake a restorative chocolate chip cookie for every writer and supporter. So, at my urging, Beverly has recorded an audible cookie of encouragement: her version of the labor song Rise Again.
You can listen to the song by clicking the title at the top of this post. You're welcome to download it to your computer, burn it on a CD, import it to your iPod, and send the link to every writer or supporter you think would like to hear it.
It's our gift to everyone who's going through this with us.
Take Heart.

Rise Again
Vocals by Beverly Mickins
Guitar and Mandolin played by John O'Kennedy
Arranged by John O'Kennedy
Recorded and mixed by Barry Fasman
for Sanctuary Entertainment
presented by
Handwritten Theatre


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